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   Full refunds will be issued if we determine the customer is not eligible for an Emotional Support Pet or if your prescription is not accepted by any airline listed below within 7 days from
the date of purchase
and we are provided written verification pursuant to CFR 382.117(g) that you were denied boarding because the airline does not accept our prescriptions (Airline
portion only will be refunded if also purchased with a housing prescription, no refund if housing prescription is not accepted). Verification is needed so (1) we can issue a refund and (2) we can update our approved airline list. Prescriptions written for exotic pets or pets other than dogs
or cats are not eligible for a refund.

   We also require that you file a verifiable written complaint with the airline and
Department of Transportation. In your complaint we ask that you instruct the recipient (Airline and D.O.T.) to send us a copy of their response so we can confirm the reason for denial. Airlines are required by law to submit a written response to all complaints.

   Additionally we ask that you allow said carrier the opportunity to compensate you. (sometimes a lower- level airline employee will make a mistake that the airline will recognize and attempt to correct). Additionally, any litigation between prescription holder and Airline or Landlord that
requires expert witness testimony (including testimony of doctors or therapists) will be at the prescription holders expense.

    Once all the above steps are complete, if it is determined you were denied boarding solely because the airline does not recognize our prescriptions and you are offered no compensation by the air- line we will issue a full refund for your airline prescription only. Pet Rental Housing prescriptions and airline prescriptions for more than one pet are non refundable and are not guaranteed.

As of January 1st 2023 our approved airlines include:

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