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​Prescription Instructions

Requesting an Exception to Your

Landlord's No Pet Policy

  Federal rules provide protections for Emotional Support Animals in non-pet friendly rental housing.  Unfortunately, hotels and other "temporary" short term housing are exempt and are not required to recognize emotional support pets.

  As Landlords in general are not very good at following the rules (airlines don't have this problem) we cannot guarantee your landlord will obey the law and fairly consider your request for an emotional support animal.

  However, if you are able to discuss your situation with your landlord and have reviewed one of the many
legal guides on the subject then a Pet Housing Prescription may work for you.

  Additionally, if you are a student living in your school's housing (dormitory, shared housing, ect) we do not recommend our services as it is not clear if the Fair Housing Act applies to dormitories.​

  ​The Fair Housing Act protects individuals with disabilities – including those with emotional support animals from discriminatory housing practices. Title 42 U.S.C. § 3604(f)(3)(B) states that landlords must make “reasonable” accommodations in their rules to allow disabled individuals equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling. What this means is landlords with no pet housing rules must make a “reasonable” attempt to
accommodate you and your emotional support pet.​

Additional Verification Services

The Fair Housing Act

Step #1  Please complete our online Psychological
and select the Housing Prescription option for $104.95 or both Airline and Housing for $119.95

Step 2.  If a diagnosis can be made, you will receive a
prescription letter for an emotional support pet within
2-3 days. (a copy of your prescription will be sent to
your email).

Step 3. To comply with state treatment laws your
therapist will contact you via email for follow-up online
treatment sessions at no additional cost.
Refund Policy

No Pet Housing

  ​You can make a formal written request to your landlord that includes information about your disability, how your emotional support pet will help you, and your request will not impose an undue burden on your landlord or neighbors (Sample Letter). You should also include documentation of your disability (emotional support pet prescription letter) with
your request and it may also be helpful to include a legal informational guide for your landlord to review.

  Unless your emotional support pet would impose an undue financial or administrative burden on the housing provider or fundamentally alter the nature of the provider's operations (legal jargon from the Fair Housing Act) your landlord is obligated to grant your request or he/she is violating federal law.

  If your landlord approves your request he/she may want the prescription written on their own form. Though your landlord can't legally demand their form be used we can provide this service for an additional fee ($29.95) - Please use Paypal Button below to order Verification Services.​

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