Pet Poop Bags

Pet Poop Bags ​(c) 2012 - 2018

  Whether you’re walking your dog where you live or traveling with your emotional support animal at the airport we strongly encourage everyone to bring disposable plastic dog poop bags. Not only is it courteous and environmentally friendly to clean up after your pet it is also the law and pet owners can be fined.

  There are many options available when shopping for pet poop bags. If cost is a big factor you can purchase standard pet poop bags for a little as a fraction of a penny per bag. If money is not an option there are high quality environmentally friendly dog poop bags available which are timed to break down and degrade early as opposed to possibly hundreds of years for a standard plastic bag.

  Even if you have to buy the cheaper plastic poop bags the most important thing is to always pick up after your pet. And even if you can afford to purchase the more environmentally friendly bags there are applications where you don’t want the plastic to breakdown too fast as the refuse itself may be harmful to the environment.

  Though some airports may provide free pet poop bags dog owners shouldn’t count on this and if you don’t clean up after your pet it may encourage airports and other public places to place more restrictions on pets. Each year emotional support animals are being restricted further and further at airports and other public places. Being responsible and picking up after your pet helps keep everyone clean and happy!

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