Fall travel with your Emotional

Support Animal


  Fall may be the best time to travel as it's considered an off season in many parts of the country - too late for summer sports but still too early to ski or snowboard. This presents many travelers with a unique opportunity to take advantage of low cost airfares and cheaper hotel rates. Less crowded airports also make it easier for people flying with their emotional support animals too.

Any household dog or cat can be your emotional support animal provided you have a current ESA letter from a licensed therapist or social worker. Once you have an emotional support animal letter the airlines cannot charge any additional fees for you to travel with your pet. Without a ESA letter airlines typically charge about $100 each way to crate a dog or cat and most airlines will require you to bring your own crate.

Crating your pet can also cause a lot of stress for the animal as well as for the pet's owner. And it can sometimes even be dangerous for the pet to fly inside the cargo hold as they do not have access to water and are subjected to shifts in the cargo that surrounds their crate. Each year numerous pets have died as a result of being transported inside aircraft cargo holds.

The cost savings of having an emotional support animal letter is enormous as sometimes the pet crate fee is more than the actual passenger's ticket. ESA Letters are valid for one year from the date issued and our service offers such letters for $99.95

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