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​Traveling With Your Emotional Support Animal During COVID-19

   May 15th, 2020 Major changes are coming to our everyday lives including how Americans and travelers abroad travel. With many states lifting their shelter in place orders permitting further freedom of movement airlines have not reduced their own self imposed restrictions of limiting the number of seats available for travelers or the mandatory requirement that all travelers wear a face mask and individuals visibly ill will not be permitted to fly.

As of publishment of this news article fliers are still permitted to fly with their pets provided they meet the above criteria and as before have a valid emotional support animal letter. And with many airlines limiting the number of seats available to fliers this will have the advantage of allowing pet owners more room for their pets as the middle seat on most airlines will no longer be used.

Emotional Support Animals are also required to have proof of their pets vaccination which has always been important to insure your pet’s health. And though COVID-19 can infect animals we are currently unaware of any known large outbreaks among dogs or cats and though people are required to wear face masks we are unaware of any similar rules for pets.

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