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Emotional Support Animal Blog

​Emotional Support Animals have proven beneficial health benefits from decreased instances of Heart Disease to increased life expectancy that are discussed in our blog below.

Anyone who suffers from extreme stress, anxiety or any other identifiable mental health disability may be eligible to obtain an emotional support animal letter. If you already have a doctor you do not need to use our service and can have your mental health professional provide your emotional support animal letter. We also provide free emotional support animal letter templates which are available on our website under "Sample ESA Letter."

If you do not already have a doctor EmotionalSupportPet.com has partnered with Keystone Psychological Services to provide online therapy and emotional support animal letters. Simply complete our online evaluation which will be sent to one of our therapists for review, if a diagnosis can be made based upon your exam you can receive an emotional support animal letter within 2-3 days. 

Please visit our homepage for more information about emotional support animal letters.