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Easter Holiday travel with your pet


  Easter weekend is almost here and that means another busy travel season is about to begin. Traveling with your pet is now easier than ever! If your travel plans include flying you can now bring your pet with you for no additional fees once you have a emotional support animal letter.

  Emotional Support Pets require no additional training and only the pet owner needs a prescription to fly with their pet. Emotional Support Pet prescriptions are valid from one year from the date issued and permit the pet to fly with their owner for no additional fees.

  Not only is this safer for your pet as crating is not required it also reduces stress on your pet during the travel process. You are only required to give the airline 48 hours advance notice that you will be traveling with your pet and to provide proof that your emotional support animal has been vaccinated.

  Emotional Support Pets are only permitted at airports and in long term rental housing. If you plan on staying at a hotel during your travels we suggest you find a pet friendly hotel as emotional support pets are not permitted unless your hotel is pet friendly.

  For more information about how to obtain your emotional support animal letter please visit our website below.



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